Monday, April 30, 2012


My dear little friend,

You were so cute, in your little red sweatshirt, toddling between your parents while they chatted quietly to each other in Chinese.  You looked up at me and I couldn't help but smile as your face lit up.  Surprisingly, you opened your mouth and yelled out to me, "Ayi!"  I looked at you in shock and then at your parents who smiled kindly at me.  Your parents looked down and said something to you and I turned away.  But you called after me again, "Ayi!!!" I turned back around to watch you, wishful that you really were saying what it sounded like you were saying: Auntie.  You might have just been spouting gibberish - after all, you are still learning how to walk - but somehow those were the words I most wanted to hear.  After walking home and watching all the cute families interact with each other, it was nice to believe that someone, even a little baby like you, would think I belonged.


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