Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Early Bird Gets the ...

Dear William Wei,

Thank you for this amazing song.  You not only expressed how I've been feeling about my career lately but also gave me the hope to keep going.  I've already tried to make demands to my youngest sister that you marry her and join the family.  She declined - something about having never met you or other such nonsense.  Please join the family anyway?

鳥日子 詞曲/演唱:韋禮安

總搞不懂 早起的蟲 怎麼生活 難道像我
怎麼做怎麼錯 怎麼我還不想放手

早起的我 總是落空 到底誰說 努力就
有天成功 到底哪天誰告訴我

日子一天天度過 曾經的熱衷 不甘願就這樣消磨
嗚~~等著我 什麼時候 離開枝頭
嗚~~不回頭 願望不多 只要我能相信我
逆著風 就能飛上天空

Bird Days by William Wei 
(translated by Ruohua Lee) 

I've never understood it - how does the early worm survive?  It's just that  
How do I do this?  How did I go wrong?  How is it that I still haven't given up?

I get up early but everything still just comes to naught.  They say that effort will
One day bring success.  Can someone tell me when that day will come?  

Day by day, I simply get by.  I'm can't let my passions just wear away like this.  
Oooh ~ I'm waiting for the time when I can leave this branch.
Oooh ~ I can't turn back now.  My dreams are not many - I simply want to be able to believe in myself,
That I can fly against the wind through the sky.  

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