Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hide and Seek

It's a rainy day.  Although I had a long and wet walk into work, I can't complain since Virginia needs the moisture.

While fumbling to grab my keys out when I arrive at work, I happened to look up and noticed this: 
 This poor little moth was doing its best to stay safe from the weather while remaining safe from predators.

I'm always impressed by the bugs that make visits to my lab this time of year so I stopped to take a picture.  But when I took a step back, I looked up and noticed that there were moths all over the place.  The white ones were mostly hidden on the white doors and the dark ones on the brick above.  Let's see if you can find them.

  Here are the doors of my lab:
 And above the doors:

Can you find all the hidden moths?  (Hint: There are 17 on the door picture and 15 on the brick picture)
Answers below.

But first:

Here is a gorgeous night view of the trees near the basketball courts as reflected over the pond at UVa.
It was stunning.

Answers here:

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