Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Child's Play

Sunday, I watched General Conference with two adorable kids who, despite my best efforts, proved to be excellent distractions.  They also proved to show how fabulous and magical life can be.  

T: I can beat up a pirate.
My sister and I:  Really?
T (whispering): I got a sword from Target.
(This of course was during a talk but my sister and I couldn't help but burst out laughing)

Marc: You need to drink enough water.
T: So that you won't be dead.
Marc: Exactly.  Water helps your brain and your lungs and your heart.
T: Oh, but the doctor has two hearts.
(Reference to Dr. Who - these kids are OBSESSED with Dr. Who)

K: Marc, you need to wash your hands!
Marc: It's fine, really.
K: NO!  You need to wash your hands!  You have to wash off those bad germs so you won't get in trouble!
Marc: (shrugs)
K: I washed my hands so I only have good germs.  
(She was quite adamant and almost worried for his soul since he was left with bad germs)

K: How do you say his name?
K's Mom: Elder Christofferson
K: Elder Chistopson?
K's Mom: Elder Christofferson
K: Ok.
(She goes upstairs to where her brother is)
K: T, quick, say, 'Elder Chritoffoson"
T: Elder Kistopson?
K: Good job!  Now you get a treat too!
(They got a treat when they recognized general authorities)

(K's dad decided to play an April Fool's Day joke on her by pretending she was dressed up as a princess)
K: I am NOT a princess!  Can I go outside to play?
K's Dad: You need to take off that pretty pink dress and that crown you're wearing before you can do that.
K: I'm not wearing a dress!  I don't have a crown.
K's Dad: You can't see it?  It's so pretty.  Go take it off before you go to play so you don't ruin your dress.
K angrily stomps out of the room and pretends to take off a dress that she obviously doesn't have on and can't see.  She also rips a pretend crown off her head.
K: Is that better?  Now, can I go outside?
K's Dad: But wait, those pearls!  Don't ruin your nice pearl necklace!
K: I'm not wearing a pearl necklace.
K's Dad: Yes, you are.  Can't you see those beautiful pearls.  It's so nice.  I'm almost afraid I'll hurt them if I touch them.
K goes out of the room again and angrily unfastens the pretend pearl necklace that she obviously doesn't see but her dad does.  
K: Is that better?
K's Dad: Hahaha.  April Fool's Day!

K gets the joke and plans her own.
K: (announcing to the entire room): I'm going to play an April Joke on Mommy.  I'm going to ... (proceeds to tell all her plans)
K's Dad: No, sweetheart.  Telling everyone your joke kind of defeats the purpose.

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