Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rise Up in the Morning

While on a walk on Sunday, one of my friends suggested: You might try just spontaneously going on adventures with your friends.  I smiled at what she was getting at but honestly doubted anything would come of it.

Last night, I was walking home from rehearsal and a friend saw me on the road and picked me up.  On the way to my house, I was invited to go on a sunrise hike the next day.  Surprising even myself, I agreed.  

This morning when I rolled out of bed at 4:30 am, I think I wondered what I was getting myself into.  The hike to the top was not easy for bodies as exhausted as ours already were.  For a few minutes, I wondered if we were even going to beat the sun to the top.  

But we did.  
Me at the top before the sun came up

It was a glorious experience to sit on top of the world and pause to watch nature work its magic.  
I demanded that my friend let me use her hands as a model

The  sun peeking over the horizon

What a wonderful world!  

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