Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Before the Storm

Yesterday was a good day that started with a hike and ended with me spending a glorious hour with my niece.  

Here are some highlights from my niece who is now talking quite well - not in sentences but she uses a lot of words.  

I ask Baby is she is thirsty and pull out a children's monkey cup.
Sister: Oh, that's the same one she has at home.  Look Baby!
(Baby proceeds to get very excited about the cup and I proceed to only fill the already small cup 1/3 full)  
(Baby walks around the kitchen shaking the cup around so excitedly that all the water spills out)
Baby: Oh!  Water!  (as though "How did that get there?"  "Why is the floor all wet?")

Me: Can you say Sarah?
Baby: A Sawa (short for Aunt Sarah).
Me: Can you say Marc?
Baby: Marc.
Sister: Can you say Erin?
Baby: Yeah.  (as though even asking such a question was an insult to her intelligence) 

We play with some bubbles.  I blow one towards Baby's face but it goes straight into her eyes and pops.  
I cringe, waiting for her to start crying;  bubble solution probably stings.  
Baby: Oops!  My eye.  Bubble! 

I've decided I need to teach the Baby Chinese.  
Me: Baby, 你想要睡覺嗎?
Baby turns around and points at her mother.  
I slap my hand down on the bed with a laugh: Oh Baby, that was a question, not a statement about your mom.  (She heard me use the question particle, 'ma' and thought I had said 'Ma')  
Baby slaps her hand down on the bed in perfect imitation of me and laughs.  

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