Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Since I'm relegated to walking this summer, my pace of traveling has afforded me the pleasure to stop and pay attention things to which I've only given a cursory glance.

One of those 'things' being signs.  

Some signs remind us of our past
This man was only 16 (15 according to Wikipedia) when he joined the services.  On D-Day he single-handedly charged a German machine gun emplacement.  For this, he was awarded the Medal of Honor which is the highest medal decoration one can receive by the United States government.  Apparently he also won a Soldier's Award by also saving another soldier from drowning.  However, the Medal of Honor would be awarded posthumously because he died six days later in battle.  

How often I have passed this sign and never actually read it.  But now, I'm glad I did.  Here is a man who served his/my country for half of his life and gave his life in defending it.  I am reminded of the sacrifice of many so that I could lead the life I do.  I am also reminded that people can act with great courage and do much of their own volition.  

Some signs have multiple meanings.  
A sign about a bridge in honor of those who build bridges.  But I have a feeling this isn't about civil engineering feats.

Some signs take you by surprise and help you discover hidden things.  
When I read this, I was shocked.  Take-Off and Landing?  What?!  So I poked around between the bushes and found, as I had started to suspect, the landing pad for the helicopter for the hospital.  I wonder how many signs in our lives could help us find hidden things in our lives if we stopped to read them.  

Some signs just make you laugh (even if that is not their intention).  
 I know that this was meant to be a real warning.  But I had to laugh since we live on Earth which of course has a magnetic field in use.  Might as well put up a sign that warns us that gravity is in effect.  Or that diatomic nitrogen and diatomic oxygen are present.

And some signs are not to be put into words.

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