Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Arts and Crafts

Yesterday, my friend and I burned through six episodes of Dance Academy because it took us three hours to make these:  
My friend's handiwork
Her roommates were enthralled at our dedication to our domesticity: 
"Look at you two, over there, hand sewing."  
"Ohhh! CUTE! You are making...felt thingies."  

I couldn't get over how cute they turned out, even with all their imperfections.  I went home and excitedly showed my own roommate.  "Look!  Isn't he adorable?"  

She looked at him and then back at my beaming face.  She looked back at him. 
"Umm....I can't quite figure out what it is."  

Sadly, you either know what we made (and love it and want one for yourself) or you don't.  

If you want to know what we made, I highly recommend the movie My Neighbor Totoro by Hayao Miyazaki which captures childhood in all its simplicity and imagination.

If you want to make one for yourself, then you can find the pattern here.