Thursday, May 24, 2012

Night and Day

MH: Attended Fujieda Higashi High School which is famous for, among other things, its soccer program and putting out great soccer players.
Me: Attended the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, whose name alone probably serves as an explanation of the school's focus. 

MH: Never attended college.  
Me: Never stopped attending college.  

MH: Started his first real career path job at age 18.  
Me: Has yet to land her first real grown up job.  (No shame, honestly.  I don't regret my stints as a custodian, pizza-maker, dry cleaner, pruner or TA in the least) 

Me: A rocket scientist.  
MH: Not a rocket scientist.  

MH: Speaks German, which is a distant cousin to English.
Me: Speaks Chinese, which is a very distant cousin to Japanese.  

MH: Wrote the number one bestselling book in Japan for 2011.  
Me: Dreams of publishing something one day.  (Although I can claim second/third author on a few journal articles) 

MH: Adores his niece.
Me: Adores her niece.  

Even two people who are as different as night and day can find something in common: Nieces rock!
Baby's curious face
Me and my niece - taken by the niece

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