Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Schalke Goes Stateside

In three hours, FC Schalke is playing against Philadelphia Union.  

Of course, as is typical for me, I found this out on the Bundesliga website.  Five minutes ago.  Rather than a few months ago.
If I'd known months ago, I could have somehow begged and scraped together the money together.  And in three hours I would have been in the stadium, wearing my Royal Blues Schalke jersey, cheering them on.  

Instead, I'll be living a normal life, as though FC Schalke wasn't on this side of the ocean, pretending Raul, Huntelaar (and top scorer in the Bundesliga), and Uchida are not only five hours away by car.  

I hope Philly shows them a great time but, deep down, I still hope Schalke shows them how soccer games are played, and won.  

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