Monday, May 7, 2012

Have Baby, Will Travel

This is how my niece has handled the week.
Eating an Oreo: Pure Enjoyment 
Tuckered Out
Me: What song do you want to sing?
Baby: Spider?
<We sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider x5>
Baby: Twinkle?
<We sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star x5>
Me: What next?
Baby: Spider?  
Me: We just sang Spider.  Try another one.
Baby, thinks for a few minutes: Twinkle?
(I promise she knows more than just two songs)
Pretty baby admiring the pretty baby while brushing her teeth
The cutest picture ever. 
Baby, admiring herself in the mirror
Me: Who is that?
Baby: Lexy (but when she says it sounds like 'sexy') 

Baby, admiring a picture of herself
Me: Who is that?
Baby, pointing at herself and then at the picture: It's you!
Self taken picture - she is slowly improving.  

I love her smile.  
Me: Can you say 'Mississippi'?
Baby: Sippi!
Me: No, Mississippi.
Baby: Missippi!

Playing on Great-Grandpa's porch
Me and the Niece
Me: Do you want to take a shower with Sarah?
Baby: Yes!
Sister: Baby, if Sarah were to jump off a cliff, would you jump too?
Baby: Yes!

Milk - taking the straw in and out of the
cup was her favorite thing to do
during the meal.  
Playing at Nichols Park in Jacksonville, IL
Me: No really?  If your friend were really going to jump off a cliff, you would just follow?
Baby: Sarah? (looking around for her)  
Looking at me like I'm crazy for taking so many pictures of her
Teddy: Her best friend, except when
anything caught her eye
Baby: Teddy fell!
Me: Well, yeah, he fell.  Because you pushed him.  
Baby: I pushed Teddy!
Me: Haha, well, at least you're honest about it.
The end of the trip