Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baby Love

So, I spent the past week and a half in Utah and just got back last night.  I confess, I spent most of the time with my friend and her son, E.  In fact, that about sums up the trip.  I know that E won't remember me.  But I still hope, that in some future time, a lifetime away for him, he will not be afraid of me and he will understand that he knew me once and that I love him still.

I also saw a few other friends but visits were limited, which just serves to remind me of all the people in Utah that I love and still hope to and need to visit.

It was an interesting trip, one in which I felt ungrounded and the longer I spent away, the less sure of myself I felt.  Part of that was the job searching I was conducting.  Part of that was having difficult conversations with friends.  Part of that was realizing that out of the past 28 days, I have been away from Cville for 21 of them.
Hanging out with my new pal, E.   

I would love to live on this street.  It's a gorgeous view of the temple.

My jiejie and I were trying to take a picture to prove we had done something "pioneer-ish"  but I'm not good at getting us and the snow-covered statue in the shot. 

Climbing up to Ensign Peak.  It was gorgeous but not quite this blue.

The Salt Lake Valley - it was a fun, short hike.  It was nice to talk about life up here and watch all the city lights down below and feel far away from the worries of it all.  

E and I hanging out while E's mom was working.  The camera distorts our heads so we look like we're the same size.  But he's so adorable, isn't he?  

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