Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hi, My Name is...

Conversation today with my friend while driving home from the grocery store:

Me: ... so the moral of the story is: do look at wedding dresses while on public computers.
Friend:  When I was in France at a computer place checking email, my companion turned to me and said, "Soeur Taylor, the guy next to me is googling me."  And I looked over and sure enough, he was googling "Soeur Jensen.
Me: Hahaha, he's not going to find anything!
Friend: But honestly, googling the person you're sitting next to them at a computer place?
Me: You know, if I were that guy, and a beautiful woman with a nametag sat down next to me, I just might do the same thing.
Friend: Do you think sexy Ann would?
Me: Sexy Ann?
<Friend nods with her head and I look in front to see our car behind a car at a light with the license place that reads "sexy ann">
Me: Ohhhhh.

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