Tuesday, January 14, 2014

In Waking Hours

I should be sleeping, I know.

But there I was, lying in bed, panicking about the things I should be doing and the courage I need to do those things that I'm panicking about.

I let my mind wander a bit to other happier subjects and that led me down a road of thinking about Japanese and some of the vocabulary I learned/reviewed today.

Then suddenly, it clicked.  So, here I am, giddy with the realization that I now know a little more than I did about present continuous action in Japanese.

If ganbarimasu is "I will do my best" and ganbatte is "Do your best," I have now figured out that ganbatteimasu is "I am doing my best."

Tomorrow, ganbarimasu.  But in the meantime, I will stop panicking about my life because, honestly, ganbatteimasu.

And that's all that I can ask from myself.

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