Thursday, January 16, 2014

Questions for Siri

Siri, where does the Vice President live?
- She answered with what the office of the Vice President is.

No, Siri, where does the Vice President of the United States live?
- Her answer was a bunch of websites.  Did you know that no official residence existed until 1974?  Most VPs would just live in their own housing (or housing they separately arranged) but I'm sure with DC housing prices, that became inordinately expensive.

Siri, which has higher alcoholic content - champagne or wine?
- She answered, "I'll call you a cab.  Just don't breathe on me."  We started laughing.  But it wasn't a helpful answer.  For a bunch of Mormons playing Trivial Pursuit, we were trying to figure out if "wine" was a good enough answer when "champagne" was called for.  Is there a difference?  Siri apparently thought we were just trying to get drunk.

Siri, who first gave Brigham Young his nickname the Lion of the Lord?
- Apparently, his followers.  I wanted more specifics.  Give me names!  The sister missionaries at the Beehive House had told us the Native Americans had given him the name, which had struck me as historically inaccurate since lions are from Africa.  My friend and I then wondered if they meant he was a "Mountain Lion of the Lord" but then why add the word "Lord" when their God was not our God?

Siri, where did the phrase King of the Jungle originate from?
- We found no good answers at all.  However, the word Jungle derives from the Sanskrit meaning, "wilderness."  Which makes sense, that the lion could be king of a wilderness known as the Savanna but not of an actual jungle forest that we think of today.  The word "jungle" has just changed meaning.

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