Tuesday, January 28, 2014


My facebook feed is covered with links to buzzfeed quizzes and I watch them all become popular among my friends.

One on Friday intrigued me: "What kind of Mormon are you, really?"  It was supposed to be a quiz that could predict where you lived (or should live).  Always up for a fun quiz, I decided to take it.  I enjoyed the family friendly questions and eagerly awaited my results.  Jack Mormon.  

Say WHAT?!

I was confused.  I stopped my friend from what she doing (not nearly as important as this quiz, of course).  She took the quiz, put in very different answers from me and got her answer.  Jack Mormon.  We stared at each other in shock.  

We've been friends for over seven years now, since a week after she became Mormon.  We were in the singles' ward together.  We watched the movies, sang the songs, we camped on church property near the Smith farm in Harmony, Pennsylvania.  And we're not real Mormons?  We were both stumped.  But you see, we're both scientists.   So we got to work.  "What are the most Mormon answers we can think of?"  We input our overly "Mormon" answers and got: Pacific Islander Mormon with some description about breaking rules but being loved anyway.  We laughed at our attempts to stump the quiz but decided to do a little investigating.  Do other people get ridiculous answers?  

"I'm from California and it says California Mormon."  
"I got Idaho Mormon and I'm not even Mormon but I am from Idaho."  
"I got Utah Mormon and I'm not even Mormon.  I'm baptist.  I'm not even sure why I took this quiz.  But I really liked the idea of quizzes."  

We laughed.  How did this non-Mormon get something more legitimate than us? 

The weekend went past.  I asked my roommate to take it and my friend asked her husband to take it and we all got Jack Mormon.  Which made us feel better, at least.  Phew!

Today, I couldn't resist when a friend put up a quiz entitled, "What's the Name of your Soulmate."  This should be fun, I thought.  I'm not married - I can't be disappointed by the results.  I carefully put in my answers.  Result: Drop everything and find an Erin.  

I feel like the quiz universe is just laughing at me.  Either that or all of facebook is conspiring against me with their fake real answers.  


  1. I answered the questions as truthfully as possible and got "East Coast Mormon." I think "European Mormon" would have been more accurate, but I'm guessing they didn't have that option. Still, I was pretty happy with that result. :)

  2. How? My truthful answers got me Jack Mormon. And all of my friends truthful answers got Jack Mormon.