Saturday, October 22, 2011

Good News

Today, I found out that two of my good friends are dating.

One of these friends I met many, many years ago when I had a rather large and embarrassing crush on his roommate.  The roommate never saw me as anything other than a friend but his roommates embraced me as a sister.  One of them even lied to some random girl who came over to see the aforementioned crush and told her I was his sister to save me from embarrassment.  The girl even thought we looked alike since we both had curly hair.  I don't think she even noticed that it took me a moment to answer her when she called me by a name I had only acquired 30 seconds before.  Those roommates were some of the best people I have met.  They were  true and loyal friends.

The other friend I met many years ago when she moved into my hometown.  For some reason, we became friends, not close friends.  Not even best friends.  But good friends who shared a tent one very rainy camping trip and talked of things more serious than I ever normally share with people even that I'm closest to.  We expressed our deep fears and our hopes and dreams for the future.

I couldn't hope for anything better for two better people.  I hope that even if this isn't their happy ending (beginning) that at least they will both benefit from the company and association of the other.  I certainly count my blessings for knowing them.


  1. If I were to guess the first friend, would I be right?

  2. Yes, you would be entirely correct. Isn't he one of the best people?