Friday, October 28, 2011

Tidying Up

Every so often our lab has one big all hands on-deck clean-up.  Today was such a day.

Each time I tackle a part of the lab that probably hasn't been touched in about 20 years.  It always ends in finding some very interesting items that I never quite know what to do with.  Today I found an electric pencil engraver (say what?), a mat cutter without a blade, and this...
For those curious, the package contained some screws.  I'm sure they were very special screws to be from one or more of those countries.  

Also, the other day, I went and got my car inspected.  While I waited, I went to World Market and designed my house.  Actually, I didn't design my house.  I only found two pieces of furniture that I wanted to own.  One of them is this adorable chair. It just had my name on it.
 No, it really did.
The other was a cute little table that opened up into a vanity.  It's going in my spare bedroom.  It could go in the master bedroom too.  I'm just not sure if it would match the futon's frame.  I think it would.  I would have to check.
And, no, I don't actually have a spare bedroom.  Or a master bedroom for that matter.  Or a futon.  I really don't have much.  But it was fun to pretend.

I also chose a really cute set of china made in Japan.  They were cherry blossoms on a blue background.
And I was talked out of some fabric dining room chairs.  Upkeep of cloth with those kids I hope to have in the future is just so difficult.  But they were fabulous chairs.  Bright yellow!

The End.