Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dance Break

If I were to have a Bucket list before leaving Cville, having an Asian dance party would be on it.  Why?  Because there is a TON of great dance music out there in the Asian pop world that my friends need to listen to and love.  It's like all the great parts of American music with clean lyrics.  (And if they aren't clean, we can't tell right?)  (But they're clean.  I'm about 95% sure of that)  Plus, the last dance party I went to, it was embarrassing to ask a friend during every song, "What song is this?  Who sings it?"

To get the dance floor full of people dancing rather than that awkward standing around staring at each other, I'd play this number: Neverland by U-Kiss

And then there's the fun song that tells you how to dance.  They are very helpful for those who aren't good at making up choreography.  Lucky Guy by Kim Hyun Joong

This one does that too.  But since it's in Korean, we can't tell.  Sound effects are helpful.  Clap Your Hands by 2NE1

No dance is complete without a good rock song: In My Head by CNBLUE

Or two: Flower Rock by FT Island.  Rock songs are perfect because all you have to do is jump up and down and you're good and even cool.

You always need a good swing song at any dance for those who like a slightly different feel.  Mayday's Ok La has a really fun 60's beach feel.

Since we're going slightly retro, there should always include a disco song.  Those are so much fun to dance to.  Roly-Poly by T-ARA (It's pronounced rolly polly) Note the modest clothes.

Don't you like those songs that start out sounding like a slow song and then end up being fast?  And then you laugh at the couples who start forming and then awkwardly look at each other as suddenly the beat is not conducive to the deacon shuffle? Get Out by JYJ.

On the topic of JYJ and awkward moments.  Don't you love those songs that you're singing and dancing to and then you suddenly think, "Wait?  What am I singing about?"  Empty by JYJ is one such song.  It's a clean song but it's kind of mean.  I had to laugh when they sang this at the closing ceremony of some sports competition in Korea.  Really?  I mean, really?

I love the rock ballad that everyone loves but no one dances to.  We just stand around and scream out the chorus as loud as we can while standing in large groups, arms linked.  Stranger by SOLER.  Every dance should have this song even if it's not to dance to.  (Ok, so I would be the only one who sings this song but you get the idea)

And finally, the slow song.  This one has all the elements of a perfect slow song: a clear beat, the electric guitar and a ballad feel that makes it perfect to belt out to for the wallflowers.  Because of Love by William Wei.

And there you have it.  Just a sampling of the musical awesomeness that my dance party would have.

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