Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Faffing About

Last night, I had a dream about marriage.  I've had a number of dreams about marriage in the past 5 years and they never fail to entertain.  This one was equally interesting so I will share it here.

In this dream, I suddenly found myself in this very fluffy white lacy wedding dress.  You know the dress from My Big Fat Greek Wedding?  Yep, I think I was in that dress.  There was too much fluff and too much lace for my taste.  So, I'm sitting there in this slightly gregarious wedding dress, waiting very nervously for my groom, who is running late.  I'm nervous because I don't actually know who my groom is or what he looks like.  Someone comes up to me and says, "You need to fill out your marriage certificate."  I'm handed a form with lots of blanks.

I look over it and see the usual, expected information: Name, birthdate, birth place and parents for both the bride and groom.  I skip over the parts that I know - the information about me and my family - and immediately look at the big blank in the middle of the form where my future husband's name goes.  In a slight panic, I look up.

"I don't know my husband's name."

Someone pipes up.  (There are no faces in my dream, just voices and hands)  "Sure you do."

Me: <gulp> "Really?  I can't seem to remember it right now.  Could you remind me?"  (This is where my nervousness turns to panic because I'm wracking my brain for any sign that there is a man in my life and coming up absolutely blank)

Someone else laughs at me, "You don't remember your own groom's name?"

There I am, staring at this blank form while these girl voices all titter and giggle as though I'm pulling their leg with some clever joke.

Finally, someone takes pity on me and laughingly says, "Silly girl.  His name is Jacob."

I look up from the form with shock.  "Jacob?!  I would never marry a Jacob.  My brother's name is Jacob."  (This is true to a point.  I've never thought I would marry someone who has my brother's name, not because I'm prejudiced against Jacobs but because I don't want my brother Jacob to feel like second-place.  He's first place as far as Jacobs go.  I've kind of always felt this way.  It turns out one of my sisters feels the same way.)

The girls laugh.  "Well, his name is Jacob but you call him Jake."

I relent a little.  My brother HATES being called Jake.  I could be ok with marrying a Jake and leaving Jacob for my brother.  "Really?  I'm marrying a Jake?"

I look down at the form and see the name "JACOB" has been written on the form.  I start tracing back over the letters.  J A C O

I wake up.

Aren't people supposed to wake up before they find out the name of the person they are going to marry?

Weird dream, no?

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