Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's 2 AM

Yes, I should be in bed.  I will be heading there shortly.  I have a deadline tomorrow (today) and I'm so worried that I'm going to wake up and it will be past the cut-off time that I'm doing all I can to be almost completely ready now.

As it is, there have been some awesome short tidbits of conversations with friends recently that make me smile.

Sister: I've been worried about you and your iodine.
Me: Oh, I'm fine.  The doctor says I'm healthy.
Sister: Good.  Did you know that today is the birthday of Marie Curie? And her research killed her. Of course, she was doing it with a man she loved, so I suppose that helped. :-)
(This is not meant as a slight to Marie Curie or to her research or husband.  I just found this adorable in light of the fact that my sister was worried that my research was killing me)

Friend: I'm kind of worried about getting these notes to Dustin.
Me: Why didn't he come over here and study with you?
Friend: <shaking her head> I don't know.
Me: Did you ask him?
Friend: No.  <light bulb switches on> That's probably why.

Sister: Alexis' new favorite word is 'no'. I ask her, 'Do you want milk?' She says, 'no!' 'Do you want water?' She says again, 'no!' I offer her a banana, 'Do you want a banana?' She speaks up again, 'no!' But really, she did want the banana.
Me: <laughing> I think it's about time for her to start learning 'yes'.

Friend (native Japanese): I was in the store the other day and this person said my son was adorable.  I had no idea what she meant.
Me: That's a good thing.
Friend: Adorable sounds like the word for 'thief' in Japanese.  I thought she was calling my son a thief.

Today was a good day:
I voted.
I got dressed up in a beautiful yukata.
I saw my friend 'Shuai Ge'
Did UKiss really just say, "Don't deny the R-squared Pi" in their song?  Because that's hilarious and as fabulous as my high school's cheer:  "e to the x dx, e to the x dy, sin cos cos sin, 3.14159..."  Nerds unite!

Definitely tired.



  1. Ah I forgot about that U-Kiss gem.

  2. I've decided UKiss is an oft-overlooked gem. Unfortunate name for a boy band though.

  3. I love the beautiful yukata!!! I want to see more pictures.