Friday, November 18, 2011


It's no secret that my sisters and I try to influence our niece with our preferences in music.  Ever since the  very first time I held Alexis in my arms, I've been singing to her.  Most of that has been Asian music since that is what I listen to.  When I try to distract her on my sister's cell phone during long car rides, it's Asian music videos that I pull up.  Likewise, other siblings have tried similar approaches.  In her short little life, she's heard music in English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and French.  

To my excitement, The Niece fangirls over Korean pop boyband B2ST.  Seriously, the first time I showed her Bad Girl she went crazy in a way that shocked even her mother.  Here is a clip my sister caught of the little one rocking out and creating her own choreography to B2ST's Fiction.  One year old and already such a sense of rhythm.  I would like to claim that I have half of those genes.  

Last weekend, I got a glimpse of the flavor of music that my niece chooses for herself.  Whenever I put on a music video, my niece would toddle over to the clock radio near the bed and turn it on.  Then she would sit back and dance to it with consistent, rhythmically accurate choreography.  The music?  Latin.

"Really, Baby?  This is the music you like?"  She laughed.

I turned it off.  A few minutes later, she went back and turned it back on.  We stopped and stared.

Soon enough, our conversation moved to other things but every so often, during those lulls, we would remember that that music was still playing and the niece was off-and-on dancing to it.  (Babies are easily distracted creatures)  Her mother would ask, "That music is still playing?"  I teased, "Baby, your mother wants you to turn your music off.  Go shut it off."  Alexis would just laugh and dance away from my reach.  We'd forget about the music as the conversation took off again and then at the next lull, that situation would replay.

I would tease Alexis about listening to music she can't understand but I guess her aunts have done a pretty good job at setting that precedent.

(In all truth, right now, my niece is really just obsessed with buttons.  She also figured out how to turn the hotel phone onto speakerphone and would have dialed China if we had given her the chance)


  1. Hahaha Alexis and her music. Sometimes she dances to commercials that play non dance music. Like there was this one sweater commercial she went crazy over. It's pretty hilarious.

  2. Hahaha. I wish I could have been there.